Monday, March 16, 2015

2 Life Changing Books

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Just wanted to share a brief message. I've recently read 2 books that were absolutely life changing for me. Once read and pondered, I applied many of the principles and saw such a change in my life, my understanding of life, and my peace with it.
The first book is 21 Principles: Divine Truths to help you live by the spirit.
The second is The Purpose Driven Life.

Both books are Christian based, and are meant to help people grow in faith and trust in the Lord's plan. We live in a continually frustrating world, of pain and disappointment, and these books really put everything into perspective. They literally take away that pain and disappointment, as a clearer understanding of our purpose in mortality dawns.
I encourage you all to read these books, and see for yourself if they are life changing for you. I especially encourage you to read them if you are overwhelmed with questions and doubt and heartache, or feelings of abandonment by God, or loneliness. If you can read these books with a willing heart, I think you'll find you are pleasantly surprised at how they can change your life.
Lets get reading!

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