Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Being Grateful

What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?
So, as a part of the Year of Jubilee, and part of my New Years resolution, I decided I needed to increase my gratitude.  Being thankful, and verbally and physically proclaiming your gratitude is a proven medical and psychological way to improve one's happiness. On the other hand, as spiritual being, showing my thankfulness is imperative to my soul. If you read my last post, you know how deeply I am suffering from a chronic ailment I cannot control or immediately fix. Being thankful and praying with gratitude has incrementally helped in many ways, and will continue to help, until I can take the medication necessary. (I'm trying to get pregnant, so...)
Anyways, this quote really struck me and I thought...what did I pray about last night? What did I thank God for? Did I give him credit for my blessings? Did I show my appreciation for everything he has given me?
If I woke up today with only the things I thanked God for, here is what I would have on Tuesday January 13, 2015:
(And don't laugh, these are SINCERE! )
2. my freedoms (I think of slavery in foreign countries, sex trafficking, religious laws, communism)
3. My house (I think about families in Pakistan that are living in refugee tents)
4. My car (I think of walking to work...geez and it's only a couple miles! Poor me.)
5. All my stupid belongings (yep, I phrased it like that....because in a celestial perspective they are quite stupid)
6. My clothing and shoes (I always think of little kids with leaves bound to their feet with vines)
7. Food (I always think of starving children)
8. My family (crazy, I know. No, I mean they are crazy. Hahaha)
9. My daughter
10. My job (what if I was unemployed? Worse, what if I was not allowed to work because I was a woman?)
11. My husband (he's such a good man)
12. My health (which could always be worse)
Man. When I write those down, I am actually proud that I took the time to realize how very, very fortunate I am. I mean, it's always there in the back of my mind. As an American, I know I am richer and healthier than over half the world. I feel so spoiled at times and I feel so sick at times when I throw food away. I've really done a lot to show more gratitude. To donate more clothes. To recycle more. To buy food for the hungry. To give.
A darling, special friend of mine is getting married this Saturday and, unbeknownst to her, I am paying for all of her beauty services. I CANNOT WAIT to surprise her and do her hair. She is getting makeup, nails, the whole works, at the salon I work at. She does not know I am paying for it, and of course I will not tell her. But it feels so good to be able to treat someone a little less fortunate to the pleasures at my disposal. I want to give in an area I have room to give.  It makes me so grateful that I have the means to offer my services, and a tiny bit extra money this month I will not be spending on myself.
I want to challenge everyone who reads this to try giving to someone else this month. In areas you have free at your disposal, or in areas that are difficult, like money. Write down what you are grateful for, and I mean dig deep. To may be surprised. And then, if you are willing, pray about them. Tomorrow you might wake up with only those things 

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