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The Year of Jubilee

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New years is right around the corner, with another chance for us to start over.  Some of you may already be contemplating your new year's resolutions...we have some ideas for you if you're stumped. ;D

In Leviticus chapter 25, it speaks about a year of Jubilee. Every seventh year, the people would rest from their labors, and dedicate an ENTIRE YEAR to the Lord! Can you believe that!?!?!? Woah bro.

How impressive! How inspiring! So Inspiring, that we decided that this coming year, we want to have a year of Jubilee! We want to dedicate this coming year to the Lord. In this day and age, we can't exactly quit our jobs and live at our parents and mooch for a year, but there are so many other things that we can do to make this year consecrated to the Lord!

One year. 2015. Dedicated to God. Nuff said.

There are seriously so many things that we can do to better ourselves, cleanse our lives, and help those around us. All of which brings ourselves, and/or someone else closer to God. We propose that anyone who wants to participate, takes part in the year of Jubilee with us!

We invite anyone to participate. We ask anyone who is inspired by this post-to share it! Spread the word! The more people to experience a year dedicated to the Lord, the better! We hope that at least ONE of you is inspired, and gets involved in the year of Jubilee with us. We know that anyone who truly participates whole heartedly, and with true dedication to their own year of Jubilee, will experience possibly the most impactful year of their life.

Here are just some ideas for participation in a year of Jubilee:

volunteer work (once a week/month)

no t.v./cut back on t.v.

no movies/only inspirational movies

journal writing daily

scripture reading daily

only spiritual/inspirational books

give up a bad habit

pray daily

go to church weekly

go to the temple weekly

one act of kindness/service a day

give up/cut back on social media :O

less make-up

no more "dieting" if you are already healthy (a.k.a stop obsessing over your body for a year!)

tell yourself something that you love about yourself every day

write down something you are grateful for every day

no more yelling when you are mad

no more gossip

no more judging others

smile at a stranger every day

no more road rage

give up your addiction

study a new "topic" in the scriptures every week/month

set weekly goals to improve yourself/your relationship with God

Spend a solid hour in nature every day/week

Thank God for something new every day

Have a picture of God/Christ/whatever you believe in-where you can see it every day

Pray MORE than once/twice a day

make your prayers more PERSONAL

visit family once a week/month/whatever is possible for you

stop spending so much money on objects that don't help you grow spiritually

fast weekly/monthly with a purpose

listen to Christian sermons/general conference weekly/daily

spend more time with a certain person who needs your friendship

We invite all bloggers to participate in this project with us and to blog about it through out the year! We will be posting "prompts" for every month, that will unite us, and inspire our readers about our experiences as we live an entire year dedicated to the Lord (or self cleansing). We will be using the hashtag: #yearofjubilee2015 with every post.

Starting January 1st, 2015

Let's do this thinnnngggg!!!!!

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