Sunday, August 31, 2014

Getting Fit After Having A Baby

I just wanted to share with all the women out there my journey to getting healthy after having my baby. I've known too many people who slipped into their skinny jeans a month after delivering, and then LOST weight by breast feeding. I did not experience this. Nor did I face any genetic miracle. No, the size and weight I'm at now is due to 5 months of strict WORK!

The first few pictures are at 2 months postpartum. At the time, I wasn't too focused on losing weight because I was struggling with milk production. But after a few weeks of not feeling myself, and not losing a pound by nursing, I decided to start a very disciplined diet. I also incorporated mild exercise. No heavy cardio. The combination helped me get back into my jeans and tone up a little in a moderate and realistic pace. The last pictures are at 5 months postpartum. 

There is so much pressure for women to look like a million bucks after birth, but the truth is every body is different. I am not blessed to have a figure I don't have to work for, which at this point I am thankful for. I appreciate my health so much more because I have to work so very hard for it.

Girls, women, don't stress too much if your body does strange things after you have a baby. Heck, mine still has fat pockets in the strangest places and I'm pretty sure I could stretch my stomach to China....but I FEEL good again. I feel confident again. I can be proud of where I'm at and love the body I'm in as much as the one I created.

Please share your success stories and weight loss journeys so we may empower other women. Getting slim and fit should be a personal process. Never compare your fitness routine or diet to someone else's, unless it is in a healthy competitive form. Your diet and work outs will need to be individualized for your specific body and metabolism. Remember, there is no need to have anxiety about your body and losing weight right after delivery a beautiful baby. Focus and be happy, it will all come with some dedication, time, and effort.

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