Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Best Advice I've Ever Been Given

1. Wisdom is knowing much, but saying little.
(Am I already breaking this rule?)
This phrase has changed my life. One of my greatest flaws is saying things that later come back to bite me in the butt. I never intentionally do this. Okay, once...maybe twice a year. But the rest of the time I have no idea I'm saying something uncouth, insensitive, or ignorant until it "comes back to bit me in the butt". When I first heard this, piece of advice, I was like Whoa. And from then on it clicked. It doesn't matter if I think I'm right. I don't have to join every argument. Nor do people really care about my uninvited opinion. I don't have to voice every insignificant thought that comes into my mind. I don't even have to stand up for myself if I don't want to. Sharing isn't always caring. And caring is sometimes letting people figure stuff out for themselves.

2. Gifts is part of your budget. GENIUS. Why didn't I learn this years ago? How many times have I said I couldn't go somewhere or contribute or purchase a gift because I didn't have the money? When I heard this piece of advice I changed my outlook on gifts. The art of giving can change other people's lives as much as your own. Even a small gift. Lets be real, I'm not giving out iPods for Christmas. But Incorporating gifts into my budget has not been all that hard of a sacrifice. It actually blesses my life when I give to others.

3. Service is life changing. Period. When I began these ARP meetings, I'm sure people I used to party with looked at me like I was crazy. None of them "have a problem" by the way. No addicts do, right? Well I shouldn't have to explain that alcoholism runs in my family and so does other addictive behaviors. I know where my life would be if I hadn't made some critical choices a year ago. I'd have had a lot more friends and been a lot more miserable. I chose the path less taken. And I've never been happier. Why should I then be criticized for wanting to stay as far away from these activities as possible? Better yet, why wouldn't I want to help and serve people who are desperate for help? Volunteering my time has been so rewarding. Serving others is the best way to see the good in everyone, including yourself. It takes you out of the rat race.

4. Write. I've been a writer for a decade, and just began blogging recently. But keeping a journal of any kind is truly liberating.

5. Never believe anything someone says about something they've never honestly studied. (This pertains to people as well)

These are my greatest advice tips. What are yours?

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